All children in Reception and Key Stage 1 are entitled to a free school meal each day. 

For Key Stage 2 children the price of a school meal is £2.40 or £12.00 per week.  You can play for school meals via the Parentmail App. or alternatively send the money on a Monday morning in an envelope with your child’s name written on the front.  All meals must be paid for in advance.

If you think you are entitled to free meals please request an application form from the school admin staff or alternatively contact the Benefits Department direct at the Civic Centre on 0191 4333729.

We request that pupils keep to the same meal each day.

Packed Lunches

Please send your child’s lunch in one small, named box.

Drinks should be in a plastic container of some kind, glass bottles and cans are not acceptable.

Please do not send sweets or chocolate as these are not allowed in school.  As a Healthy School Award winning school we would ask you to support us by providing your child with a healthy packed lunch. E.g. a sandwich, a piece of fruit, a yoghurt and a treat – crisps/ cake/ biscuit.

Home Lunches

Children may go home for lunch.  However, for safety reasons they should not return to school until just before the afternoon session begins.

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