Please try to arrange holidays when school is closed.  A holiday form must be asked for and returned, on completion, by parents who decide to withdraw their children from school to accompany them on holiday.

Standard Assessment / Phonic Tasks will be carried out during the Summer Term.

Please note that no holidays taken in term time will be authorised.



Term dates for Community Schools in Gateshead starting in September 2017

term dates 2

  • All dates are inclusive.
  • In addition to the above dates, schools will be closed to pupils on Monday 7 May 2018 (Bank Holiday).
  • Two days within the above terms are to be used for professional development for staff. These dates are to be determined and agreed by individual school governing bodies.
  • In addition, one occasional day within the Summer Term 2018 is to be utilised for the purpose of closure for possible election purposes, this day to be used near the end of the summer term and agreed by individual school governing bodies.
  • The start of the Autumn Term 2018 is proposed as Monday 3 September 2018
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