Sport Premium 2017




Our sporting vision at Glynwood is to promote a balanced and healthy lifestyle, whereby the children can enjoy taking part in physical activity, inspire each other and explore a competitive element through a range of sports in an encouraging environment. This can be maintained and developed further through the use of the Sport Premium funding we receive.

Sport Premium

Sport Premium is an allocation of funding to schools that must directly be used to improve the quality of sport and P.E. offered to children. The funding is expected to enhance a schools provision by developing or adding to P.E or sport activities, which schools already offer, as well as making improvements to help benefit pupils joining the school in future years. The premium enables a positive impact on progression and attainment in P.E lessons by all children. It is calculated by each school receiving a minimum of £8,000, plus £5 per pupil within the school. At Glynwood we received £9173 last year.  This figure is expected to almost double during the 2017-18 academic year.

How we have used the funding


We have used our funding to promote sport and enhance sporting provision for the children at Glynwood by continuing to invest in the ‘Platinum’ level SLA from the SSP (School Sports Partnership). This allows the school to access more online resources, coaching and training opportunities, as well as a fantastic range of competitions and cluster events throughout the borough.


During the course of the 2016-17 academic year we managed to use funding in several ways including: to create markings for the daily mile challenge, new basketball equipment and football resources.  The increased funding allocation for this year means that the school will be able to add new basketball rigs for the key stage 2 playground, purchase strips and tracksuits for various sports teams and new playground equipment for the key stage one yard.


During this year the year 3 and 4 pupils have continued to have their weekly lessons at Birtley Baths.  The year 6 pupils have recently undergone their assessments for 25m, range of strokes and water safety.  All 26 pupils were successful in their water safety activities, whilst 16 out of 16 could swim at least 3 strokes in the medium sized pool.  13 / 26 pupils could swim 25m unaided in a stroke of their choice.


Both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 have entered and attended a range of sporting competitions and tournaments throughout the year. The children have built confidence and shown a competitive spirit by taking part in the scheduled competitions. Through the increase of sport participation, the children are also showing fantastic sportsmanship at the event they attend. The Key Stage 2 children have a better understanding of the importance of personal competition as well as team competition.

Events attended include:


  • KS1 and KS2 Indoor Athletics
  • KS1 Multi-skills
  • KS1 Football Tournament
  • Year 5/6 Football League
  • Netball league
  • Hoops4Health (basketball)
  • Change4Life Festival

Flagship Competitions

  • Dance Festival
  • Gymnastics, Trampoline and Cheerleading Festival
  • Athletics Festival
  • Run for Fun at Saltwell Park

Cluster Events

  • Rowing Regatta
  • Boccia
  • Football
  • Multi-skills
  • Glynwood Games (Athletics)

Sporting Success

As well as attending sports events, we can also add that we have experienced lots of success throughout the year. This includes being winners of the Year 5 /6 basketball cluster event and also the winners of the Gateshead basketball tournament. The school were also successful during the Glynwood Games competition with the year 5 team of boys and girls finishing first.


A target throughout the year was to ensure that all of the children at Glynwood improved their fitness levels. We used some of the funding to have markings on our playgrounds so that children would be able to run their ‘Daily Mile’ even in poor weather conditions. The children’s times were tracked, during the year their times and fitness levels improved. The data was given as evidence to the ‘Healthy Schools’ Award and helped towards achieving the award for the school.

The school has also invested in schemes of work, which provide staff with lesson ideas.

Staff Training

Last year saw The school’s P.E. coordinator  develop a deeper knowledge of sport and P.E. by attending a Level 6 P.E. specialism course which will ensure staff are teaching high quality P.E. lessons.  With the addition of several new staff this year, the funding will be put to good use in training new staff in areas of the curriculum they feel needs developing.


NUFC Coaching – we will build on the successful partnership created with NUFC during 2016-17 and aim to continue to deliver high quality coaching for all pupils throughout the school.  In addition, there will be an after school club as part of the coaching package.

Newcastle Eagles – Year 5 and Year 6 will once again receive the Hoops for Health programme, but in addition the coaching will be rolled out to all the year groups in key stage 1 and 2


Many of our staff run after school clubs in addition to the external coaches brought into school.  Football, netball, basketball, gymnastics, athletics dance and cheerleading were just some of the adult run clubs attended by pupils last year.


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