Mr Otterson and Mr Telford

We hope everyone had a nice Easter holidays and enjoyed the good weather.  The pupils have been practising hard and are now ready for the challenge of SATs this term (May 13-17th).  They are really important, so please ensure that your child has had a good night’s sleep and a good breakfast before each day of the tests.  If your child is poorly they can still do the test and then return home if necessary (one child had chicken pox last year), or if they are too ill to come to school, they will simply do it the day after instead.

It is a great final term packed full of fantastic opportunities.  We will begin practising for our end of year school performance very soon and of course there are special days and events like the Talent show, the Fashion show, leavers’ disco, sports assembly and leavers’ assembly in July. 

There will be time for your child to visit their secondary school this term too.  This is usually the last week of June for Joseph swan, Lord Lawson and Heworth Grange children – Cardinal Hume tend to have individual days spread throughout the last couple of weeks of June.  This is a really important period of time for pupils and holds many of the lasting memories the children will form of their time at Glynwood, so please avoid taking any holidays during this term.

Make sure pupils continue to bring in their PE kit on a Monday and take it home at the end of the week as you never know when the chance to do additional practise may arise. 

If you have any further questions or concerns please feel free to make an appointment any time or pop in to see us after the school day finishes.

I am sure we will have a fantastic last term together.

Mr Otterson & Mr Telford



Brilliant Year 6 performance!

On Tuesday 16th July, Year 6 pupils put on a fabulous show for their end of year performance entitled "The Pirates of the Curry Bean".  Everyone agreed it was the funniest play they had ever seen and that the children were superb!  Thanks to all the staff and parents...

The whole school enjoy Empty Classroom Day

The whole school took part in a National day called Empty Classroom Day. The sun shone and everyone had a great time. Loads of fun and exciting projects were happening in the outside areas of school. The whole school enjoyed a picnic together for lunch which was...

Today is Empty Classroom Day

Hurray the sun is shining for Empty Classroom Day. We are really looking forward to seeing what all the classes get up to today as well as a whole school picnic for lunch.

Gateshead Athletics Success!

A team of 20 athletes from year 3, 4 and 6 took part in the annual athletics festival at Gateshead Stadium on an extremely rainy Friday 28th June.  The teams were very successful and took home lots of medals including, Gold for Tegan Hewitt in the 800m and Long...

Tag rugby Champs!

Our team of Gateshead tag rugby champions went to a regional competition for the whole of the North East with teams from Berwick to Yorkshire involved.  They did a great job and managed to win the Bowl competition!  well done guys!        

Shadow science!

Here are a few photos of year 6 and their work on shadows.  They mapped the change of shadows during the course of an afternoon to track how the position of the sun appears to change in the sky.  They followed this up with an investigation into how to change the...

Looking forward to learning outside of the classroom

On Friday 5th July Glynwood will be joining in with a National Day called Empty Classroom Day. Schools all over the country will be joining in to have at least one of their lessons outside of the class over the day. We look forward to hearing what all the different...

Glynwood Victorious!

As part of the 10th annual Glynwood games, all of key stage 2 took part in a fabulous athletics tournament against our local cluster schools.  After a close fought competition out year 6 boys and girls triumphed over Kells Lane, Harlow Green, Oakfield and Kelvin Grove...

Music workshop fun!!!

Key stage 2 had a great Wednesday morning when the music workshop visited Glynwood.  The topic was Pop music through the decades.  The staff and pupils had a great time singing and dancing to songs from Elvis, the Beatles, Kylie Minogue and One Direction!

Kwik Cricket Triumph – Howzat!

On Tuesday June 4th, all of year 6 attended a cricket festival at Gateshead Fell C.C.  The three teams did extremely well considering how little coaching they have had and one team did such a magnificent job winning all 6 of their matches.  This team now go on to...

Art work in the Environment!

As part of the topic of Glynwood and the local Environment, year 6 pupils created art installations inspired by artist Andy Goldsworthy.  Look at their beautiful creations!    

Disability awareness

As part of the work being done by year 6 with Mrs Walker, the class had the oportunity to see what it felt like to be in a wheelchair for the day.  Some aspects of normal everyday school life proved very tricky and frustrating for pupils - particularly P.E lessons and...

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