Mrs Allom, Mrs Commons and Mr Lyon

Summer Term 2019

Well the Summer term is upon us already! A big focus for us in Year 1 will be the push towards the Phonics Screening Test, starting on Monday 10th June. In the test the children will be asked to read a list of 40 words, sounding each one out. Remember some will be real words and some will be ‘alien’ or made up words. Any help you can give your child will be beneficial. We have also decided to give a reading list each week, instead of spellings to learn.

In class we will be doing a lot of map work, looking at countries of the UK and capital cities, we might even make our own maps too.

Our Science work will focus on plants and seeds and we hope to get outside and do some planting.

Creative homework tasks will continue for you to work at with your child at home, at your leisure.

Hopefully the sun will shine and give us some opportunities to get outside and enjoy learning outdoors.

Any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to come and see us.


The Nativity!

This half term we have been preparing for a our Year 1 Nativity! The children worked very hard to present the show to the whole school as well as their Mums and Dads. Throughout the term the children learnt a variety of catchy and Christmassy songs to entertain...

Reading Club

Miss McIntyre and Miss Pinchen ran a Reading Club in October/November and it was lovely to see that so many children were eager to join in, we even had a super helper from Year 5 - Leejay! A selection of Year 1&2 Children took part. We explored the library,...

Wimbledon Afternoon in Y1

The whole of year 1 had a lovely time outside on Friday afternoon. We enjoyed using the bats, balls and beanbags to play lots of different paired and team games. We also stopped for a break to have some strawberries and cream. It was delicious!

Grace Darling

As part of our topic work we have been learning about the life of Grace Darling and how she became famous. We worked in groups to act out the main events then put them altogether to re-tell the story.

Bean Planting

In science we have been learning about plants and what they need to grow. This week we all planted broad beans into plastic bags. We will watch them over the coming weeks and record their changes in our bean diaries.

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