Mrs Allom, Mrs Commons and Mr Lyon

Summer Term 2019

Well the Summer term is upon us already! A big focus for us in Year 1 will be the push towards the Phonics Screening Test, starting on Monday 10th June. In the test the children will be asked to read a list of 40 words, sounding each one out. Remember some will be real words and some will be ‘alien’ or made up words. Any help you can give your child will be beneficial. We have also decided to give a reading list each week, instead of spellings to learn.

In class we will be doing a lot of map work, looking at countries of the UK and capital cities, we might even make our own maps too.

Our Science work will focus on plants and seeds and we hope to get outside and do some planting.

Creative homework tasks will continue for you to work at with your child at home, at your leisure.

Hopefully the sun will shine and give us some opportunities to get outside and enjoy learning outdoors.

Any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to come and see us.


Year 1 love their Sports Day

    The children in Year 1 along with those from Early Years and Year 2 had a great Sports Day. The sun shone down on us and everyone enjoyed the event. We had lots of races, including running, space hopper race, skipping and long distance. What brilliant...

The fire brigade visit Year 1

The fire brigade came to visit children in Year 1 to teach them about fire safety. Some of us got to try on their uniform. It was very big! Did you know you can get a free smoke detector for your home by contacting the fire brigade? (don't use 999 number)

Year 1s potato growing competition closes

Year 1 have dug up their potatoes for the competition. We grew 532 grammes of Rocket variety and have submitted our results.  Lets see how we do in the competition. What a super size potato!!! We were awarded a certificate for taking part, then enjoyed eating our...

Year 1 do science in the park

Year 1 walked down to Kells Lane park to do their science lesson this week. They were learning all about forces, so did some work on pushes, pulls, twists and turns, and finding out about springs. They all had great fun and enjoyed a little bit of play too.

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