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Spring Term 2019

Welcome back and a very happy new year to all our Nursery children and their grown-ups. We hope you all had a lovely Christmas.

This term we continue to follow the children’s interests to help us plan our activities. We will also be planning activities related to upcoming special occasions such as Valentines Day, Friendship week, Easter and Red Nose day. This term we will be using monies raised from the Christmas performances and photographs to do cooking and baking, and growing, as well as buying sensory resources for messy play. Keep an eye out for future website posts about what we have been doing!

Last half term we introduced Plan, Do, Review. We started off using physical props from each of the classroom areas, this was used as a talking point. We have noticed a massive difference in the children’s confidence in speaking and it has encouraged them to think carefully about where they are going to work and what they are going to do. This term we will be introducing visual symbols for the classroom areas. This will help develop children’s recall to talk about what they did and relive past events. If you would like further information about this and its importance, please keep an eye out for our Plan, Do, Review Stay and Play session (letters to go out this term) 

We are also planning our annual Nursery trip. Please keep an eye out for a letter this half term with more information.

Please also check the nursery noticeboard for shared story and special book times for this term. Due to the popularity of the last stay and play session we will be offering 4 more this term. We hope you can join us!

Thank you for your continued support

The Nursery Team

Colour Carnival

A big thank you to everyone who came and joined in with our Early Years Colour Carnival yesterday! As you know we had a few technical difficulties with our music system on the day, but rest assured we have completed the sponsored event today in class with the...

Science Week in Nursery

Nursery had a fantastic week exploring and investigating! They started off the week using the art straws and masking tape designing and modelling buildings and roller coasters. The children really loved watching a time lapse video of buildings being constructed as...

Science Week 2018

Our Science Week is well under way and we are all having lots of fun.  So far we have had gloop, forces investigations, static puppets, flying objects, bubble making and lots more.   We have lots of fun activities planned this week including our house time making and...

Male Hero Day in Nursery

A massive thank you to all the Dads, Lads and Grandad's that turned up to celebrate our Male Hero Day today! There were hot dog snacks, juice and the children made Spiderman biscuits with very messy blue icing and strawberry laces. There were also superhero masks to...

Our hunt for the lost crowns!

Our mission today was to try and find the Royal family's lost crowns, hidden around the school grounds. We successfully completed this and so were rewarded with a special snack of fruit and a Royal biscuit on the lawn (the biscuits were beautifully decorated by the...

Growing Sunflowers

Today in Nursery we have been planting sunflower seeds. We talked about what is needed to help them grow successfully. During this discussion we found out that lots of our Nursery children have already been busy in their gardens planting various flower and vegetable...

Pond dipping

Today we visited the pond to see what we could find there. There was a lot of movement in the water and so we decided to explore. We used our nets to scoop and were extremely excited to find pond snails and hundreds of tiny tadpoles living there. This term we are...

‘Crazy’ Hair Day!

Today we all came to school with 'crazy' hairstyles to raise money for Autism Awareness. Thank you to everyone to brought in donations, the total amount raised will be announced in a newsletter next term!

We’re going on an Easter Bunny hunt!

The Easter Bunny paid a visit to Nursery today and left behind some very special gifts for us all...tiny little chicks! We followed the trail of fur around the field and through the school garden. The chicks were waiting for us inside of a basket, hidden under a bush....

Nursery Trip to Gibside

Nursery had a fantastic day today at Gibside National Trust! All the grown-ups were so proud of them as they walked for over 3 miles in total carrying their own backpacks... Well done Nursery! We know that this trip was a big step for some children (and parents/carers...

Nursery’s Edible Easter Nests

Take a look at these scrumptious chocolate Easter nests. They are so easy to make! Step 1) Crush some Shreddies. We found that a potato masher did this job very well. Step 2) Heat chocolate and then mix it in with the crushed Shreddies. Step 3) Decorate by adding...

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