Eagles fly into Glynwood

Years 5 and 6 received some expert coaching from the Newcastle Eagles as part of their annual Hoops 4 Health project.  The classes had great fun learning some dribbling passing and shooting techniques that they hope to put into good practise for their forthcoming...

Visitor into school in Year 5 and 6

   Year 5 and 6 had an excellent morning learning all about a lady called Zdenka Fantlova. Lora, from Northumbria University, came in to tell them how Zdenka had survived five concentration camps during the second world war and had kept a special tin ring with her...

Birthday Baking!

As well as the actual 60th Birthday celebration, Year 5 enjoyed preparing for the event. We made bunting to decorate the school and baked the famous ‘Glynwood Crunchy’ biscuits to offer to our guests. 
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