Nursery Wild Wednesdays have begun !

Wild Wednesdays in Nursery are a great opportunity for us to explore the outdoors and do lots of exciting learning. This week the children wanted a fire and so we decided to collect some sticks to burn in our firepit. We collected lots but unfortunately we discovered...

Halloween fun in Nursery

We have had lots of fun celebrating Halloween in Nursery. We loved investigating pumpkins and witches gloop – we had to be very brave and use our hands ! – – and we turned our house into a witches party house. We did lots of dressing up and we even...

Nursery win the copper jar treat !

After coming second every half term so far, the copper jar in Nursery finally had the most money in !!!!!! The children were rewarded with fun on the bouncy castle. A big thank you to everyone who contributed their spare change.
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