“I dreamed I wound the window of the space ship down and stole a star from space.” “I made the moon shrink, and I stole it from space.”

“Happy babies”

“Cat and Cow”

Life is a wonderful gift but for many of us it can be busy and stressful, challenging and worrying. In year 5, today on ‘Mental Health Awareness Day’, we wanted to find some calm and quiet. We learned how to prevent stress by keeping calm and relaxed. We did some yoga breathing, stretches and poses which helped us to release our negative energies from our bodies replacing them with positive energy, through thoughts and affirmations. We also discussed the importance of rest and sleep – the children enjoyed a 30 minute guided meditation where some children actually fell asleep and went on some wonderful adventures in space. Every child enjoyed this relaxing experience and almost all asked to do another one. 

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