Nursery had a fantastic week exploring and investigating! They started off the week using the art straws and masking tape designing and modelling buildings and roller coasters. The children really loved watching a time lapse video of buildings being constructed as inspiration. Then each day we had a new experiment out at the creation station. The first experiment was ‘Rainbow Walking Water’. The children were completely mesmerised by the process and couldn’t believe how quickly the water travelled up the kitchen towel and watched the colours mix together! Our next experiment was the ‘Skittles Experiment’. The children explored using the pipettes to drop warm water onto the skittles to see what happened. When we added warm water we noticed the colour dissolved and spread through the water to create a rainbow on the plate! Wow! We finished off the week with a visit from Prof. Brainstorm who showed us some wacky and fun experiments in our workshop. What an excellent week!


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