Today both Blue and Red group took a visit to BALTIC, Centre for Contemporary Art in Gateshead. Everyone came into school raring to go and couldn’t wait to get onto the coach which took us to the Baltic for the day. Once we got to our destination, Blue group headed into the studio on level 2 to begin their ‘Cardboard Cities’ workshop. Paul, our artist for the morning, talked to us about architecture and helped us to think in a creative way about how we could work together to build a city. There was a wealth of resources available for each of us to create our own part of the city. Some of us made buildings, some of us made bridges and some of us even made rollercoasters! Everyone was really enthused and worked really hard to make something truly fantastic! Our city will be put together outside of the Reception classroom so that you can see the full scale of our busy work in all of its glory!

Whilst Blue group were taking care of the city, Red group headed onto the viewing box on level 5 to look at some of the fantastic bridges across the River Tyne. They had a go of sketching the Tyne, Swing and Millennium bridges by looking carefully at the details on each one. Everyone also had a go of drawing the Tyne Bridge with their eyes closed! The results were surprisingly good, the children were brilliant at remembering small details and being able to draw them without looking! Following this, the children used coloured card and scissors to construct their own bridges. It was a challenge to get them to stand up over the river which had been taped to the floor.

After a well deserved and long awaited lunch, the groups swapped over and each completed both the Artist led ‘Cardboard City’ workshop and the Bridges workshop. Both groups also had some down time to spend getting some fresh air on the Quayside and working in the play area on level 2. Everyone has had a brilliant time and we are so proud of how well behaved the children were throughout the day –  well done Reception!


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