This has been the strangest December I have ever had. Instead of cold days and warm clothes, it’s been sunny days and ice-creams! New Zealand has been an incredible experience; the scenery has been beautiful and the people have been so friendly and welcoming.
I have travelled from the tip of the North Island down to the very bottom of the South Island. I have hiked through Modor, swam in lakes, stood under waterfalls and watched geysers in awe.
 I flew back to Sydney on the 23rd December and enjoyed a BBQ in the sunshine on Bondi Beach on Christmas Day. 
 New Year’s Eve was definitely the best thing of the whole trip. We arrived at the Opera House at 8am and set up camp for the full day. The atmosphere was fantastic,  the fireworks were spectacular and totally breath taking.
 Happy New Year to everyone at Glynwood, I wish you all the best for 2018! 
 Miss Stell 
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