Hello Everyone! 

I have been travelling for over three months now and have been as busy as ever. 

I spent a week in Brisbane and loved the city life. During that week I went to Australia Zoo for the day and saw some of the biggest crocodiles and the world’s most deadliest snakes. I made sure I kept my fingers away from all of the enclosures. 

From Brisbane I moved down to the Gold Coast and met up with friends. We spent the afternoon at Surfer’s Paradise enjoying the sunshine by the beach, and then the evening at Burleigh Heads eating fish and chips watching the sun set (the fish and chips here aren’t as good as back home).

A very late coach journey took me down to a little city called, Newcastle. Quite different from Newcastle Upon Tyne. However, still a very industrious place with a huge river and plenty of night life. I spent the following day enjoying a tour of underground tunnels at Fort Scratchley, where I found out that William Armstrong helped to engineer the hydraulics in the canons based there. 

Another quick trip (4 hours drive) and I arrived in Sydney where I spent two days exploring the incredible city, standing in awe of the Harbour Bridge and Opera House. I took part in a free walking tour and learned a lot about James Cook and his landing in Sydney.

From Sydney, my tour took quite a large diversion. I decided to use this time before Christmas to see the attractions of New Zealand, as a lot of my backpacking friends said it was the most beautiful place they have been to…and they weren’t wrong. I have travelled from the top of the North Island and have stopped off along the way to take part in activities such as glow worm caving. I abseiled 30m down into the cave and then zip-lined a further 35m into an underground river. The glow worms were beautiful! The ceiling of the cave looked like a perfectly clear night sky. I have also spent a night at a Maori Village. I found learning about their history and culture very interesting and enjoyed an evening of entertainment including singing, dancing and the famous Hakka. 

I have 3 more weeks in New Zealand before I fly back to Sydney for Christmas and New Year. I am sure that everyone is getting exciting for the festive period and Early Years and Key Stage 1 are working hard on preparing for their Christmas Performances. I am very upset that I won’t be there to watch everyone sing and act their socks off. 

I hope everyone is well and keeping wrapped up warm!! I’m finding it very strange still wearing shorts and t-shirts in December.

Take care,

Miss Stell

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