Reception children have been very busy exploring traditional stories over the past few weeks. They began with a focus on The Gingerbread Man. The children were brilliant at learning and reciting the story of The Gingerbread Man (video to follow) and even performed it for their grown-ups! They made their own story maps, used their fine motor skills to create split-pin Gingerbread Men and even got to bake some of their own with Lynn from the Co-op! The children were in for a surprise the following week as the Three Little Pigs had arrived in the classroom! Unfortunately the Big Bad Wolf had trapped and hidden them and it was the job of the Reception children to rescue them! Thankfully the pigs were untied from the cage and were brought to safety by the children. Houses were built for the pigs and letters were written to the Big Bad Wolf to tell him how to be good. The children were great at thinking of some rules that he could follow. Glynwood Reception must be the place to be for fairy tale characters at the moment as Goldilocks and The Three Bears arrived on Monday! They set up camp in the role play area and even had their own beds, chairs and bowls of porridge. The children have loved taking care of the bears and teaching Goldilocks how to follow the rules in the classroom. They have also used the cutting station to put some bears in order of size, used the small world area to retell some stories and used the cosy new listening area to listen to some more traditional tales. They are also very excited about using the new Goldilocks and The Three Bears story map and learning it off by heart. After reading the story of Goldilocks and The Three Bears, the children thought it would be nice to taste some porridge. They thought about which toppings might be best (chocolate, syrup and strawberries seemed to be the favourites!) and are looking forward to trying some later in the week.

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