We had lots of helpers in Nursery on Monday, creating some amazing Easter egg designs for our Egg competition! Children also made some super Easter cards, some delicious chocolate crispy cakes and searched outside to find pictures from our Treasure Hunt. Thank you to all adults who managed to come along.

SAM_9870 SAM_9809 SAM_9810 SAM_9811 SAM_9812 SAM_9813 SAM_9814 SAM_9815  SAM_9817 SAM_9818 SAM_9819 SAM_9820 SAM_9821 SAM_9822   SAM_9825 SAM_9827 SAM_9828 SAM_9829 SAM_9830 SAM_9832 SAM_9833 SAM_9836 SAM_9837 SAM_9838 SAM_9839  SAM_9842 SAM_9843 SAM_9844 SAM_9845 SAM_9847 SAM_9849 SAM_9850 SAM_9851 SAM_9852 SAM_9853 SAM_9854 SAM_9855 SAM_9856 SAM_9857 SAM_9859 SAM_9860 SAM_9861 SAM_9862 SAM_9863 SAM_9864 SAM_9865 SAM_9866 SAM_9867 SAM_9868

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