On Take Over Day three new members of staff, Miss Harleen Sanghera, Miss Ellie Harding and Miss Abi Johnson, came to work in Nursery. It was a very busy day for all of them as they had a very long list of jobs to do. They were all very enthusiastic and thoroughly enjoyed their time as Nursery staff. The Nursery children loved having some new grown ups and they have since asked ” Where are the new teachers ?” –  maybe we will invite them back for another visit one day !!

SAM_3400SAM_3403   SAM_3401SAM_3404 SAM_3405 SAM_3408 SAM_3419 SAM_3421 SAM_3422 SAM_3424 SAM_3426 SAM_3427 SAM_3430 SAM_3432

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