A mystery parcel arrived addressed to the children in Nursery and you’ll never guess who was inside ………. it was Elmer ! We have been doing lots of activities all about our favourite patchwork elephant. We have painted pictures of him, used hole punches to make moving trunks, made Elmer’s favourite food (popcorn !), made collage elephants, listened to Elmer stories and we have been on an Elmer hunt outside (Elmer must be really good at hiding because we didn’t find him !). Elmer has written us lots of letters and he asked us to find his friends at the metro Centre….and so we did ! Some of us went on a fantastic adventure all the way to the Metro Centre. We had to get a bus to Gateshead and then the bendy bus to the Metro Centre. We found lots of Elmer’s friends and we looked so hard that we were exhausted ! An ice cream treat made us feel much better !!!!

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