One of our favourite stories in Nursery is Jack and the Beanstalk which was made even more exciting when the Giant came to visit us ! He hid some magic beans and we had to follow a photo hunt all around the school grounds to find them ! We planted them and have watched in amazement as they have grown (we are hoping to climb them soon !) We wrote thank you letters to the giant and loved it when he wrote back to us too ! We made scary giant masks and wore them to help us find the golden eggs that the Giant had lost. We also helped the Giant celebrate his birthday – we made him cards, wrapped up presents for him and made him a GIANT birthday cake. We helped the Giant to eat the cake too – it was delicious !

SAM_1281 SAM_1546 SAM_1513 SAM_1516 SAM_1463 SAM_1391 SAM_1381 SAM_1337 SAM_1339

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